“ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Last month, the Journal reported that Pete’s Frites, a Nob Hill burger joint, had closed its doors.
Welcome its replacement: Rustic Star Burgers will soon take over the 1,800-square-foot property at Central and Tulane NE.
Owner Kelly Adams said it is a nearly perfect space. “Pete’s was a burger place also. It’s kind of a turnkey situation. All of the stuff is still here.” 
An 800-square-foot basement that is being used for storage and refrigeration will be converted to more seating at some point.
Rustic Star Burgers occupies a small space at Green Jeans Farmery, but it will open a second location on Central and Tulane NE by the end of September. The local burger joint is known for its lamb and beef gyro burger. (Taylor Hood/Albuquerque Journal)
Adams said he isn’t worried about the Albuquerque Rapid Transit project. “Hopefully, it will bring some business,” Adams said.
He said he plans to continue operating the original Green Jeans location.
Expect a Nob Hill opening for the burger spot in roughly two weeks.
Adams and business partner Johnnah Torres began Rustic Star Burgers in 2011 when they purchased a food truck. In 2015, they converted to their brick-and-mortar establishment at Green Jeans Farmery.
Adams said Rustic Star will celebrate its second anniversary in mid-November.” - Source Albuquerque Journal

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Historic Nob Hill, ROute 66

“Now located on the community-oriented commercial plaza constructed entirely with repurposed shipping containers as modular, architectural building blocks, “Rustic: A Divine Food Truck” is now “Rustic On the Green.” The transformation means a larger space–albeit still under 500-square-feet–in which to prepare and serve burgers you’ll love. Rustic On The Green bears more than a passing resemblance to gymnasium concession stand. After placing your order at a counter, you’ll saunter over to your choice of several indoor and outdoor seating areas, none attached to a restaurant (although some seating areas are on the roof of the restaurants they serve). Your burger will be delivered in a few minutes.

1 April 2015: Perhaps it’s divine intervention or (more likely) the enticing aromas emanating from Rustic’s mobile kitchen, but I found myself queuing up with the teeming masses yearning to be fed. You might think it wouldn’t take much deliberation or time to choose from among only four burgers on the current menu. You’d be wrong. Each of the four burgers is constructed from freshly ground chuck, local Fano brioche buns and a creative array of ingredients which ostensibly go very well together. Burgers are always made to order. The alluring aromas come standard.” - Source New Mexico Gastronome

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 Our Premium Burgers are made with freshly ground chuck, local Fano bread and always made to order!

Kelly Adams, owner of the local food truck Rustic 505, will operate a 480-square-foot restaurant at Green Jeans Farmery. Rustic on the Green will feature a similar concept and menu as his food truck, which will still make its rounds around Albuquerque. Rustic is a new-American burgers and fries joint.

"We were looking to open a brick-and-mortar restaurant after having the food truck for three years, so when they approached us, it was like divine intervention," said Adams, noting that "divine intervention" is the name of one of his signature burgers.

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